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29.05.17 Summer camp is great! 

               Our team is: Rainbow

               Our motto is: Rainbow is super

                                      Rainbow is cool

                                      Rainbow is great

                                      In summer , at  school !

         We visited our City House of Culture "Chimik" and watched the performance "Funny Mouse" there. Then we drew the characters of the performance and described their appearance in English. Today we have made the poster of our camp team. Our work was amazing and cheerful. It was great! We really enjoyed making this poster.


        30.05.17 It was so intresting to spend time at the entertainment centre "Kuraga". We are active and enjoy different funny games.    

           31.05.17 On Wednesday we went to the cinema "Ukraina" and watched the film "The pirates of the Caribbean". This adventure movie was exciting, it has fantastic special effects! We also played games "Opposites" and "Make up a sentence", which helped us to get to know each other better. Our English was perfect!

         01.06.17 We love outdoor games. We were the fastest players. We revised rhymes playing outdoors. Our team had a great fun presenting the drawings on pavement with chalk. We had similar contests at school. We went to Basiv Kut lake where we had pichicks. It was great.

          02.06.17 There was a competition in the park. We had a great fun taking part there.

   06.06.2017 The day was full of intresting games. We had spotrs competitions. It was a great to creat sakura together/ Then we watched the performance and discussed it. The day was unforgetable.

          07.06.2017 Today we had a wonderful time with our friends "Sunny playground". We played many different games which brought lots of joy and happiness. It was cool! We also watched instructive story "Happy and unhappy heart". Then we had Art and Crafts class and made our "happy hearts". Now we can say: "We are happy!"

          08.06.2017 We start every morning with smiles, positive emotions and warm communication. We enjoy ourselves having funny games and competitions with the children of other treams. we got prizes. It was great!

         09.06.2017 On Friday "Sunny playground " made a Questfor kids. The Quest was very intresting and we had a lot of fun. At the Art and Crafts class we made "Rainbow umbrellas". They were wonderful! The participants of our camp team prepared flash mob for "Pance battle" competition. 
It's going to be spectacular!

            12.06.2017 Today we began our project "Foods". We made a lot of paper food. We also made our papers "Menu" and spoke about healthy and unhealthy food. Children enjoyed making it. Everybody was happy!

             13.06.2017 We started our day with asual morning circle. Then we went to the cinema "Ukraina" where we watched the cartoor "The underwater world" after which we shared and exmessed our feclings and thoughts. After coming black home we played outdoor games and just enjoyed the day!

             14.06.2017 We started the day with Morning Circle wishing each other good mood. We also had "Pance battle" competition which was held in Taras Shevchenko's park. It was great! Later we revised so many words making the "Food pyramid". It was interesting and useful!


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